Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Day 10 - Japanese Denny's & Spanish Food downtown

Japanese Denny's

Megu and I were running errands and got hungry, so we went for lunch at a Japanese chain family-style restaurant.  My meal was Negitoro-don, Negi meaning green onion, toro meaning fatty tuna, don implies the toppings listed are on a bowl of rice!  Also got tuna sashimi as well in there (top left corner).  

Top right is simple udon noodles is tsuyu broth.  Tiny serving of pickles and additional green onion to add to udon.  All this for like $10 bucks and quite good!  And that $10 includes their 5% tax and no topping.  Pretty sweet deal.
Megu's meal also had a tiny negitoro-don, as well as noodles with shrimp tempura.
Megu and I went to the Nagoya Canadian Consulate to get a piece of paper because her Permanent Resident Card never came in the mail, even with us already being approved and waiting for over two months.  Well, the consulate guy was very nice but not so useful, but it sounds like we'll be ok without their help.

We had time to kill before meeting up with Megu's friends downtown for dinner, so we tried a Nagoya delicacy, Tenmusu, small rice balls with shrimp tempura.  I dunno, I thought it was pretty meh, but glad to try it out.

Next, we met up with three of Megu's best friends for spanish food.  It was probably my most underwhelming meal so far in Japan.  Here's a shot of Paella.  It's so funny, these food like paella from spain and risotto from italy... they're basically peasant food, cook garlic and rice and throw in random pieces of seafood you have leftover...  but somehow they've become high-end foods!  Crazy.  Anyways, this was one just ok.
Here's a shot of all of us, from left to right, Mayumi, Yuriko, Shoko, Megumi and me!
They made us all tiny creme brulees with vanilla ice cream, with hand-written Happy Birthday in Spanish and name below in Japanese.  Cute!

Shoko made birthday cards for the birthday girls (all 3!).  Each girl was blessed with one kind of snot, Megu with eyesnot (that weird eye-goo you get in the morning), Yuriko with Earsnot (ear wax?), and Mayumi with nose snot.  So adorable lol.

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