Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Day 11 & 12 - Hyunka's House to do Nails and Kaiten Sushi!

The next day, we went to Megu's best friend, Hyunka, to do her nails before she got married, a couple days later.  We ordered in pizza!  First pizza was a medium pizza with pork, mushrooms, mochi (dense rice cake, super stretchy and yummy).
Second pizza was a large with 4 different flavours!  Starting from the top and moving clockwise we have prosciutto and basil, potato/corn/ham with cream sauce (my fave!), deluxe, and tomato seafood.  Pretty darn good!  Went down well with Sapporo beer.  I ended up passing out quite early...
Hyunka's family has done quite well for themselves, owning high-end bags and purses and driving a nice german car.  But even they live in an apartment!  Albeit a very, very nice apartment.  But still, it's true, in Japan you really have to revise your idea of living space!  I didn't want to be too nosy by taking pictures of their apartment, but I took a quick video of their balcony and the skyline, which is a closer to the city than Megu's house, and kinda was more my idea of Japan, high density and concrete jungle.
The next day, we went out for kaiten sushi (revolving sushi!) with Hyunka and  her Mom, Omoni.  Well, actually it wasn't revolving anymore cuz it was 3pm, between meal times, and since we were the only table in the restaurant, we had 3 sushi chefs hand making everything for us to order!  Awesome!!!
The plates are all color-coded by price, so you know how much it costs when the sushi is rotating.  Since we were ordering from the menu, we knew tho and would just talk directly to the sushi chefs when we felt like ordering more, but wow were they lightning fast!  Sushi was also FANTASTIC!  Because it's made to order and handed to you by the chef, it's the perfect temperature and super fresh tasting.  Possibly the best sushi I've ever had.  First pic from closest to furthest is scallop, spot prawn (known as amaebi or sweet prawn in japan), and maguro (tuna).

Spot prawns are unbelievably delicious and a TON of them actually come from british columbia (90% of our BC catch is shipped off to Japan... you could be eating a Japanese sushi delicacy fresh in your own backyard!).  There's even an annual spot prawn festival at Granville Island in early May, which I'm totally going to check out next year.  Check out this link below for a short article on this year's festival.  Seriously yummy stuff.

Here's a shot of King Salmon topped with a tiny lemon slice.  Soo good.
Here's a shot of Hyunka and her newly blinged nails, making green tea!  They full on give you a jar of green tea powder, which you throw into your cup and then top up with hot water.  It was much better than the random tea you get in Vancouver.
This is a picture of tai (sea breem).  Also yummy.  Can you see a pattern here?!?
Squid topped with grated ginger and green onion :)
Flame-torched tuna topped with a salt-dashi sauce.  REALLY good.  Miku sushi, a restaurant a few blocks west of Waterfront Skytrain sushi specializes in Aburi sushi.  Megu says it's good but overpriced there.  Just looked up the menu online at Miku and it's $24 for a selection of 7 aburi sushi pieces.  Ouchie.

This is scallop carpaccio, with lightly pickled onions, sweet chili sauce and Japanese Mayo.  If you haven't tried it, Japanese Mayo is awesome!  You can pick it up at Konbiniya at Robson & Jervis, a store I affectionately call "Pocky Pocky" due to the two giant lit up boxes of Pocky on the store overhead signage.  You might be able to pick it up at T&T possibly as well?  

Alternatively, if you don't live downtown, you may not have heard of Japadog. They make amazing hot dogs, topped with Japanese flavours!  Reasonable prices, ridiculously friendly and polite Japanese service, and super awesome!  They've expanded to multiple locations are easily the most popular street food in downtown Van...  Menu below!  They have slightly different menus at each location.  Standard is Terimayo (i recommend the kurobuta pork, upgrade your dog!), but I also love the oroshi, which is shredded daikon, very light for a hot dog and delicious!!!  I think this blog needs more food and more exclamation marks btw...

Anyways, we were done stuffing our faces with sushi, we had to pay the bill.  I was about to start organizing the plates into various colours, but actually, the sushi chef comes over with a scanner and scans all the plates!  I imagine there's an RFID (radio) tag inside each one that transmits a code to the scanner.  It's pretty awesome!  And can you believe Hyunka's mom is 50-something at the end of this video?!?  Life's not fair, us white people seriously age like crap.
Another feature that I meant to blog about was GPS and Television in Japanese cars.  Everybody seems to have them!  I mean freaking television in your car?!?  Can anyone seriously just listen to TV?  Maybe it's for the other people in the car... i dunno, but yeah, everybody seems to have them.
Took a cool shot of this architectural piece that was in the centre of a large roundabout outside of Nagoya train station on the way home that night.
Have I mentioned how much Japanese people love high-end designer bags and purses etc?  Here's a shot of the huge Prada store.
Any question of how much they love those bags is put to rest in this crazy video below.  So you know Vancouver loves coffee because we have kiddy corner Starbucks stores at Robson & Thurlow?  How about two Louis Vuitton stores on opposite sides of the street?!?  Yeah, that's taking it up a notch or seventeen.

Here's another quick video of how busy it is inside the Nagoya station in the evening, though I dunno if it really captures how busy it feels.  Plus you can check out Japanese fashion a bit too.  Next blog post will be Hyunka's wedding!


Nadia said...

You're gonna have to go to the gym after this trip, yo!

leeni1176 said...

That food looks delicious...Hey, I heard that Japadog is opening in New York now....he was totally surprised that they wanted him to go there...will have to go try...

The Japanese are definitely more fashion concious then us derelics over here.....but then Vancouver didn't win that "worst dressers in the world" award for nothing...