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Day 13 - Hyunka's Wedding

Hyunka's Wedding Day!  Things started out not so hot as were late.  Like really late.  We needed to take a bus, then a train, then the subway to get to the wedding hall.  We decided to take a cab to speed up the process from the train instead of taking the subway.  Except the cabbie had no fucking clue where the wedding hall was.  We even called the wedding hall and got the exact address and the guy had a GPS navigation system (they all do here).  Still couldn't figure it out.  He dropped us off somewhere in the area he thought it might be.  Super.  Ended up asking around and figuring it out, we were only a few blocks away.

So we end up barging in, in the middle of the wedding ceremony.  I took a ridiculous amount of pictures.

The beauty of Japanese weddings is apparently the wedding ceremony and reception are done at the same facility, directly one after the other.  Quick ceremony, a few speeches and before you know it you're eating wedding cake.  No more taking up the whole damn day and killing time while they go take pictures.  Screw pictures, get them done during the damn wedding or another day, don't waste everybody else's time!  Needless to say, I'm a big fan of the Japanese method here.

Anyways, here's a kerjillion pictures :)

You may now kiss the bride!
Group shout outside on the fake lawn right after the wedding vows.
Megu's speech for Hyunka
Cutting the cake!
Dinner was a multi-course extravaganza.  The menu was in Japanese, so I had no clue what I was eating for the most part, but it was delicious!

Course 1 was yummy seafood in a citrus-y gel/jello.  Odd texture but pretty good!
Course 2 I can't even remember, but pretty sure I loved it and it has a gold fleck a la Goldschläger on top!
Course 3 was lobster with a delicious creamy sauce... possibly bearnaise sauce?  Dunno it was soooo good.  Can you spot the red and green stuff in the centre of the lobster (top of the picture-ish)?  The red is lobster roe and the green is the lobster's "tomalley", which apparently acts as the lobster's liver and pancreas, both of which I wasn't crazy about, but ate anyways :)  
Course 4 was a palate cleanser, a grapefruit sorbet :)
Dress change time!  Hyunka switched from her white wedding gown to a yellow gown.  Beautiful! :)
Megu's good friend, Shoko, winking and blowing a kiss through our desserts!  This girl is seriously hilarious.
Course 5 was a twist on peach melba, with the peach having this amazing sauce covering it...  unbelievably good.  I broke the heart that the above pictures were taken through, but it was a heart at one point!
Group shot with Megu's best friends!  Hyunka made another costume change to a traditional Korean dress, a chima jeogori.
After the wedding, there was an after party at a fancy schmancy restaurant they bought out for all the young kids in downtown Nagoya.  I totally like this idea!  You do all the polite, formal things for family at one event... and then be yourself at the party you throw for you and all your friends!  Also, way more people are invited to the after party than the actual wedding and it's basically self-funded by your friends, so you can invite tons of people!  It was $80 a head for guys and $60 for girls for unlimited booze/food, renting the restaurant, and prizes for games. 

I didn't get many shots of the restaurant unfortunately, but here's what little I have.  First up, a shot of everybody sitting on the ground sitting along a giant table which I'm probably sitting at the half way point.
Another dinner shot:
One last shot of Megu and I with the wedding couple :)
A few of the groom's co-workers drove us 45 minutes in the opposite direction of their own house to drive us home.  Japanese people are seriously ridiculously nice I've found.  Great night and congrats to the newly married couple!

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