Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 14 - Megu's Dad's semi-retirement party

Today, we had a family celebration for Megu's Dad's semi-retirement!  He's one of the owners of a computer software development company and finally cutting down to two days a week.  So just a quick reminder, Megu is the youngest of five kids (girl, girl, boy, boy, Megu).  Here's a shot of her oldest brother's family and me putting together a chain of rings made from cut origami paper.
Megu's niece presenting Megu's Dad with a present and card.
More flowers and presents!
Dinner was done potluck style with everybody making yummylicious food (yes, yummylicious is a word!)  Older brother made turmeric-spiced pork, younger brother made paella, older sister made potato salad and megu and I made our fave recipe, Naan-chos.  We literally have eaten Naan-chos once or twice a week for the last year or more.

Naan-chos is indian naan bread chopped into tiny nacho triangles, topped with cheese and dried mexican ground chilis and toasted in the oven.  It's topped with homemade hummous and a mountain of raw vegetables.  Seriously it's probably the best recipe I've eaten off the foodnetwork!  Check out the recipe at the link below:

Here's a shot of oldest sister and younger brother:
Megu's younger brother is a motorcycle enthusiast.  He went for a ride the day before to a neighbouring province, Mie, and bought a sushi specialty of that region, kakinohasushi, literally meaning persimmon leaf sushi.  The sushi is pressed with vinegared rice and wrapped with persimmon leaf, which has antibacterial properties.
And what would a party be without cake!?!  
Megu's older brother passing out due to food coma with Dad's flowers in the forefront.
That's it!  Good time had by all! :)

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