Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 16-18 - Manga Cafe and chilling out...

Megu and I were feeling lazy today and didn't really feel like cooking.  As well, we needed to print out a few documents, but the family printer is up at the mountain house in Hirugano.  Solution?  Go to a manga cafe!

Originally, cafe's were just.... cafe's.  Coffee.  Then a few offered a few manga (japanese comics) to read.  Things evolved steadily so that the primary service they offer now has very little to do with drinks.  As opposed to a regular cafe where you have couches and chairs, manga cafe's offer semi-private compartmentalized seating areas to read manga, play on the internet or watch TV/play video games.  

Here's Megu chilling in our cubicle with bean bags:
Manga cafe's have almost any manga you can think of.
Looks like I corrected the white balance for the next shot!
As I mentioned earlier, drinks are very much an after thought now at manga cafe's!  You pay for the the time you spend instead at the manga cafe and drinks are self-service and unlimited.  Calpis soda?  Oh yeah!!!
The manga cafe we went to offered a deal for one hour of cubicle time PLUS lunch for 600 yen.  That's like $7 bucks for lunch and unlimited drinks and reading all the manga/magazines you want.  Awesome deal!!!  Lunch options are very limited but it was surprisingly good for that cheap!  Food is seriously better everywhere in Japan, even in cheap cheap places.

Megu had Soy-sauce-based ramen, rice and a cabbage salad with gyoza's and potato salad.  You can see the manga, One Piece as welll!  
The most famous manga/anime outside of Japan are probably Naruto and Bleach, but in Japan, I'd say One Piece is the most popular.  Megu and I have started watching the anime from the very beginning, though the show is currently on episode 523.  Yes, 523.  At one a week, that's 10 years of anime!!!  Here's a shot of the very first One Piece manga, which they had at the Cafe.
My lunch was Japanese curry with pork cutlets.  Pretty good!
They also have tons of magazines, as well as men's magazines!  Here's a shot Megu took :)
That was pretty much all we did that day and just lazed around home for the next couple days as well.

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