Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 19 - Jogging with Happy

I've been trying to go out jogging to avoid coming back to Canada weighing a million pounds.  If the family dog, Happy, isn't at the mountain house in Hirugano with Megu's folks, we'll go out running together.

There are tiny farms on roadsides all over the area we're staying in, the Vancouver equivalent of Burnaby.  Mostly growing rice, but it's interesting to see the patchwork mix of farm and urban.
There's an awesome path along a giant farm area not to far from Megu's house.  I really love this shot of the power lines along that path.
Fresh rice growing in the fields...
Another shot of farm and houses...
Macro shot of a cool looking flower I liked.

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Nadia said...

Go Team Happy!

I hope you are wearing a matching Team Happy shirt. ;)