Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 21 - Championship Baseball Game!

Went out jogging again today and snapped a few more cool shots.  Love the contrast between the girl in the pink shirt and the rest of the rice field.
Cute picture from around home... Megu's mom massaging Megu's Dad rubbing Happy.
We went downtown to watch a Japanese Pro Baseball playoff game today between the Chunichi Dragons (Nagoya's team) and the Tokyo Yakult Swallows!  North American baseball playoff series are usually a best of seven (afaik!), but in Japan it's a little different.  There are a total of twelve teams in the league split into two divisions.  The top two teams from each division play in a playoff series with the winner of each playing in the Nippon Series (or Japan Series), their equivalent of the World Series.  When the top two divisional teams play, the team that won the division during the regular season is given a 1 game win automatically for this best of seven series.  As well, that top team from each division has home advantage for the entire series!  Crazy!

Megu and I tried to get tickets for the earlier games in the series, but we were only able to get game 5 tickets after much hassle.  These tickets were only valid if Yakult won two games to extend the series!  Luckily for us, they did!

Japanese baseball is FILLED with cheering.  Like crazy all-game cheering.  Every single batter has a different cheer that is sung for them and Japanese people clang these bats together in time as part of the song.  Megu and I bought a pair to join in on the fun.
Here's a youtube video of the fans holding out their sticks and "praying" for Ibata, a tradition for this player.  Like literally, the entire stadium is holding out plastic sticks and singing, pretty awesome.  Every player has their own song/chant with its own words.  Like crazy.

The opposing team even has an entire section of the field dedicated to them in the left outfield and they chant the songs for every single one of their players too.  Literally all jumping up and down during some parts even!  But it's really just a fun family affair vs. American baseball which seems more about getting drunk and yelling at the players a smidge more.
Video of everyone clanging their plastic sticks together :)
The Chunichi Dragons, the home team, ended up winning and going to the equivalent of the World Series in Japan, the Nippon Series!  Check out the video below with streamers going everywhere.

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