Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 23 - More Hirugano

Most houses in Japan don't have central heating.  It's not like super easy to just flip on the heat and evenly heat the whole house.  The house in Hirugano is actually heated by a wood oven and we throw logs in once in a while to keep the place from becoming frigid.  I usually wear like three layers while I'm there.  

Obviously this wood has to come from somewhere and it's delivered in ginormous freaking logs to the Hasegawa house.  Our task for the day was to use a tool which could slow shove these giant pieces of lumber into a splitter and chop it.  The tool is awesome because we don't have to use dangerous axes and such, but the tool has limitations, it can't crush pieces of wood that are too big.  We got the hang of it eventually though!  Here's a picture of me looking decidedly unlike accountant-like.
After lugging wood around for a couple hours, we were pretty famished!  Lunch was miso soup, random yummy rice stuff in a box which I can't remember at all, and tempura!!!  Megu's mom made the tempura and it was delicious!!!
The tempura is actually on a handcrafted ceramic plate.  All those lines are hand drawn freehand.  Megu's mom knows the artist, who's apparently really famous.  I've seen his stuff in ceramic shops, and something smaller than the size of your palm was like $200 bucks.  So this plate is hella pricey.

Here's a picture of me chilling with Happy at Hirugano.  Dunno if I mentioned it before, but the Hasegawa family has a massage chair at their mountain house in Hirugano.  Love it!  I seriously use it twice a day.  Definitely added that to my consumerism wish list.

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