Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 24 - Ramen and Nagoya Tower

So we made it back home from Hirugano safe and sound and had a pretty lazy day.  Didn't feel like cooking dinner so we headed out for ramen!  This place was pretty tasty and specialized in yuzu-flavoured ramen.  So like shio (salt) ramen... with a yuzu undertone.  A lil different, especially ramen is generally very hearty/heavy, but it was really fun to try and the combo they offered was a great value.  Yuzu is an asian fruit which tastes something like a frankenstein child of lemon/lime/grapefruit.  It's awesome.
Megu ordered, but I believe mine was shoyu (soy sauce-based) ramen, gyoza's, rice with chinese-style bbq pork, pickled veg, and a tiny potato salad you can't actually see!

This ramen joint was obsessed with cats, they were everywhere in the restaurant!
The doors in this place were also ridiculously small.
After dinner, we headed off to the Nagoya Higashiyama tower, which was included in our zoo admission, but we saved for when we could see the city at night.  Here's a shot from the outside of the tower.
Could have really used a fancy schmancy camera for night-time shots from the tower (those big cameras are a lot better for low-light shots), but got a  decent shot.  Pretty sure this was handheld too, 2 second exposure, not too bad.
All in all, another great day!

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