Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 26 - Wandering downtown Nagoya alone and All-you-can-eat Yakiniku

Went jogging with Happy, the family pup again, but went a different way than our usual route.  Took a few cool pics along the way.  This is rice growing in a tiny plot behind some houses.
Cool path along the way I liked as well :)
Climbed this stairwell and found a tiny temple!  
These tiny temples are hidden everywhere, pretty cool.
Found a cool path of red torii (gate) leading up to the temple from a different direction.
Later that day, we headed downtown with Megu's older sister.  I wandered around Nagoya for the first time by myself as the girls were going to a spa appointment.

Wandered around a video game/dvd store.  Checked out a pachinko parlour, dear lord are these things different than the videos I remember years ago.  They have full on video screens, computer graphics, blinging lights EVERYWHERE and the noise is INSANELY LOUD.

You'll understand a little more if you watch this youtube video, which i assume is like the ultra-ending-amazing movie part if you're an uber pachinko parlour.  Don't bother watching the whole thing, just enough until your ears bleed.
I wandered inside the pachinko parlour but one of the dudes working there full on like virtually chased me out.  Without saying a word.  Dude was creepy.

Checked out the Sony store for cool headphones and ran across interesting music by two cello prodigies on an album called... 2 cellos!  They do a bunch of covers of modern rock tunes and it sounded pretty awesome imho.  I was REALLY strongly thinking about learning the viola when I get free time back in Canada (as if!?!), but the cello sounds pretty sweet!

Here's a video of the 2 cellos dude's doing a Coldplay cover.
Also ran into a red light area in Nagoya.  In Japan, "massage parlours" and brothels etc as far as I understand are totally legal.  There's even a vast collection of monthly magazines talking about these girls, what they will and won't do.  They were having a promotion while I walked by for 3000 yen ($40) for 30 minutes that Megu says would get you some hand loving.  Can't remember the exact numbers, but it sounds extremely reasonable to pay for sex in Japan.  Might be even cheaper than taking someone out on a date and praying to get laid!


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