Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Day 6 - Zoo and Hamburg

Today we headed out to the Nagoya Zoo & Botanical Gardens.  It's literally two giant halves, one side zoo and one side garden and took us literally all day to check out and only cost 500 yen ($6!).  Took a boatload of pictures, so I'm only going to post the zoo pictures for today and the garden pictures later.

We insanely started walking home from the zoo (after walking all day around the zoo).  It would have been 3-5 hours walk, but we were in the walking mood and seemed determined.  Saw this cool car on the way home.
Also saw this mountain of graves on the way home, which to take pictures of is a huge faux pas in Japan, but I thought it was amazing and hell, I'm just a tourist.

Got about an hour into it and went for dinner, which ended up being for hamburgers.  Or "hamburg" as they call it here, which is just the patty with different toppings and no bun.  I'm in Japan and eating "hamburgs", not exactly my first choice, but Megu said it was really good and famous in that stretch of town, so we went for it!  I got the Garlic Hamburg, which had like 4 cloves of cooked garlic on one hamburg patty (good thing she loves me!).  You can see Megu's Lemon and Green onion Hamburg in the background.

After dinner, we ended up getting picked up by Megu's oldest sister to go an "onsen", which is a Japanese hot springs.  The hot springs are separated by gender and you have to go naked (so no pics!).  They're basically just giant hot baths with various features and temperatures.  Some 37 degrees celsius, another 41, another with lots of minerals and gas that's supposed to permeate your skin and be good for you.  One where you literally sit in giant pots outside.  One where you lay down outside in about 4 inches of water.  Last, but not least, there was supposed to be one that literally applied a weak electric current that I couldn't find and was too shy to ask about while wandering around as the sole naked white dude.  Next time tho!

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leeni1176 said...

Being naked and white in a Japanese steam bath thingy, probably makes you happy you aren't a 6'5" tall white guy....boy you would have really stood out then....